Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How cute are these?!?!

These are a few things I've come across this week that I'm loving...

1. Chocolate dipped oreo pops--I'm thinking these might be a fun Valentines day treat!

You can find the tutorial HERE

2. Since I have three kids I was totally excited about seeing these...I think I may actually break down and buy them!

I dream of one day owning a home that's decorated by Pottery Barn! You can find the hooks HERE

3. I am in love with these cute Rosette necklaces that I'm seeing all over the place...Anthropologie has had some cute ones! Look at this cute one:

You can find it HERE

I just read a tutorial on how to make similar ones so I think I may try my hand at it and see how it turns out!

4. I have a real obsession with dresses and skirts lately...I came across this one this week and think it's just the cutest for Valentines Day.

Since V-day is on a Sunday this year it gave me a good excuse...after all, Easter is on conference weekend this year so I don't have a good excuse to buy new Easter clothes for everyone. V-day is this year's Easter for me.

5. I found the recipe for this super yummy looking treat on the blog Taste Buds

I think I'll be making these soon! You can find the post with the recipe HERE

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  1. Ok, those homemade twix bars look amazing! I am definitely making those!

  2. thanks! those oreo pops look so cute!

  3. You could totally make hooks like that using those wooden letters and closet hooks. We bought closet hooks from Home Depot for just a couple dollars. In fact, yours would be even cuter because I know you would decorate them so cute with patterned paper.